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Restaurants and Wineries Using Calistoga Pottery

For forty years we had the great pleasure of crafting utilitarian stoneware for local chefs. The wildfires and the pandemic closures of both restaurants and shops coincided with our personal decision to slow down. While we still make work for several local wineries we no longer take wholesale orders.  

Jeff’s experience in restaurants in San Francisco as a manager for Victoria Station and as a sous chef for Scott’s Seafood (at Scott and Lombard) combined with a love of good food have surely influenced his decision to focus his efforts on making utilitarian pottery. Our first wholesale account was Scott’s Seafood, for whom we made cioppino bowls for many years. When their chef Phil Rogers opened the Calistoga Inn, he asked us to make the same bowl for his Fish Stew and let us use part of the Calistoga Inn as a retail shop.

None of us remembers how or when we began to work with Michael Chiarello. He was executive chef at our favorite restaurant, Tra Vigne, during its early years and showed up at the pottery looking for a special bowl for his risotto. He liked the bowl Jeff called his pasta bowl, selected a glaze combination, made an order and began to come by with new needs (cream and sugar, a vessel for “mothering” vinegar, platters, etc.) . Michael was the first local to understand the beauty of the grapevine ash glazes. We were saddened to hear of his untimely death and will miss him.

We have also had the great pleasure of working with Phil Rogers, mentioned above; Farnham Hogue, also of Scott’s Seafood; Bob Lahrman, The Palace Hotel in Ukiah; Charles Phan of The Slanted Door, Dena Marino, who started at Tra Vigne and went on to her own MC Kitchen in Miami; Nick Morfogan, Ajax Tavern in Steamboat Springs, CO; Fred Halpert of the long-gone Brava Terrace; Paul Sartori of Greystone; Larry Forgione during his master classes at the CIA; Matt and Sonia Spector of JoLe in Calistoga (now owners of Zoftig in Santa Rosa) and Lissa Doumani and Hiro Sone of Terra. John Ash used to stop here when he taught at CIA Greystone and our pieces still show up in his articles in the Press Democrat food section. We are grateful to all of you and very proud of having been associated with you.

Made for Local Wineries

 Calistoga Pottery is delighted to have seen our pottery used locally in tasting rooms, restaurants and wineries. To order custom cuspidors or any other vessel it is always best to come to the pottery to discuss the possibilities. 

The following local Wineries, Inns and Businesses use or have used our pottery in their establishments.

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