Studio Visits

Visiting Calistoga Pottery

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday 10 am - 5 pm. We commit to being in the studio at work during these hours and welcome visitors. Outside these hours we need you call to make a reservation, 707 942 0216. If we are here and working we would be delighted to have you visit, even if it's Sunday, if we are around.

Visiting the Pottery

The pottery studio, located behind the house (up the driveway on the left) contains a showroom full of finished ware and the production facilities. A visit will usually find Jeff at work at the wheel and Sally glazing or decorating bisque ware. Sally and Jeff typically work together in the studio. 

The Manfredis will often take a break from their work to answer questions and show you around their workplace. It’s not difficult to get them into conversation about wine, restaurants, books or new ways to see the valley. One of the pleasures of operating an open studio is having the opportunity to meet the people who are actually using the pottery.

Calistoga Pottery is intended for everyday use. The glazes are lead-free, the ware microwave and dishwasher-safe. Pots used for baking must be treated like pyrex, no sudden thermal shock (such as refrigerator to oven). The stoneware clay is fired to cone 10, bonding glaze and clay to minimize breakage and chipping at the edge. It WILL break if you drop it. 

It’s best to come to the studio to discuss special orders if you have not been here before. That way the full range of possibilities can be explored using actual pieces and various combinations.

Open Friday-Sunday, 10-6 and closed on all major holidays. Let us know when you would like to come so that we have one “pod” here at a time.

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