Each bowl or mug shape has been given a name so that we can more easily communicate.  When you see the shape you are looking for, use the name of the bowl to check the dimensions on the price list page. We hope this is useful to people who are replacing parts of old sets of dinnerware.  If you are not certain which shape you mean (or what to call a glaze) call us at (707) 942-0216.


Rice Bowl


Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl


Foothill Bowl

Foothill House Bowl


Morava Bowl

Morava Bowl

Snack Bowl

Small Snack Bowls

Large Snack Bowl

Snack Bowls

Pasta Bowl

Individual Pastas

Brava Pasta Bowl

Inlaid Brava Pasta

Pasta Serving Bowl

Pasta Serving Bowl

Large Pasta Serving

Large Pasta Serving Bowl

Small Mixing Bowl

Small, Medium, Large Mixing Bowl

Medium Mixing

Three Mixing Bowls

Large Mixing Bowl

Small, Medium, Large Mixing Bowls

Oversize Mixing

Oversize Mixing Bowl

Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl

Soup Mug

Soup Mug

Mug #1 & #2

Mugs #1 & #2 (Inlaid)

Tra Vigna Cr/Sug

Tra Vigna Cream / Sugar