Decal MugsWe began exploring the possibilities of using decals on hand-thrown pottery about the time we started communicating by computer. The decal’s capacity for fine detail made it possible for us to duplicate logos, including web and email addresses. People sometimes order these from us as small gifts for large groups.

The decals we use are made for us by SDI Custom Decal and are lead-free, microwave and dishwasher-safe (like our pottery). SDI works from a “vector” file (.eps file), which we would need from you to commence a project. Decals can be made in a wide variety of colors and can be used over any of our glazes. We have examples of SDI’s color palette on each of our glazes in the studio and suggest coming to the pottery to look at these test tiles before making choices.

Decal CoastersWe charge a $25 set-up fee and require a minimum order of 40 pieces. After meeting that requirement, a coaster with a one-color decal is $12 per coaster. Decals with multiple colors cost a bit more. Allow at least six weeks, more if possible. Don’t forget that these are still made by hand from clay. There will be slight variations in the shape and color of each piece, befittingly.

Another ascribing possibility is to have a stamp struck to mark the underside of each specially-made piece. We typically sign and date these by hand in addition to the stamping.


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