Tara O’Donnell and Roger Donoghue

September 23, 2017

in Concord, Massachusetts

Tara visited the pottery a few years ago and bought her first pieces of our pottery then. She would like to add  a set of dinnerware to that collection in the same glaze, blue with a green rim. Some of her friends have been ordering gifts for Tara’s shower in mid-August. I will keep this page updated as often as possible so that you know what’s available. To order pottery or ask questions, please phone us between 9 and 5 at 707 942 0216 and remember that we are in California (Pacific Standard Time) and, while we may not answer the phone on Sunday, we do respond to messages.

SOLD OUT!  Tara’s friends have purchased everything she wanted! We will begin shipping and billing your cards this week, with everything arriving at Tara’s before the wedding. I have sent her a list of your addresses, gift selections and personal notes so she knows who has given which pieces. The final purchase was today, August 16, which I believe is the day before the shower. Thank you all for making this work, if not without a few glitches! We very rarely attempt to do a project so far away from Napa Valley. Your friend Tara has been a great pleasure to work with. One of her friends not so much. Your nasty comment on TripAdvisor made me very sad, finding it as we evacuated our town. Pottery Barn we are not, nor do we pretend to be. Sincerely, Sally Manfredi

5 ramekins @ $8. ea.

9 soup mugs @ $25. ea.

Pasta serving bowl $85

9 place settings  Spoken for.

4 extra 9″ plates  Spoken for.

14″ platter $100. Spoken for.

Salad bowl $80. Spoken for.

Water pitcher $80 Spoken for.

Set of three mixing bowls (S,M,L) $155.  Spoken for.

Large pasta serving bowl $120 Spoken for.

16″ platter $135 Spoken for.

Shipping to Concord, MA will be added. Our formula for shipping is 10% added to the price of the pottery plus $20 per box for time and materials used to ship. This would make one place setting shipped $137.70, for example. We ship UPS and everything will be insured.



Finally, a photo of most of Tara’s dinnerware. The dinner plates and a few serving pieces are still cooling in the kiln. I apologize for the color, it is not exactly true.





If you would like to register here for wedding dinnerware or gifts, we can work with you on design and communication with your guests, keeping track of what’s been ordered (and by whom). Optimally, you would come to the pottery and spend some time looking at the possibilities. You can discuss and place orders by calling 707-942-0216. Shipping available via UPS. Allow 6-8 weeks for special orders.