Jeff’s experience in restaurants in San Francisco as a manager for Victoria Station and as a cook for Scott’s Seafood (at Scott and Lombard) combined with a love of good food have surely influenced his decision to focus his efforts on making utilitarian pottery. Our first wholesale account was Scott’s Seafood, for whom we made Fish Stew bowls for many years. When their chef Phil Rogers opened the Calistoga Inn he asked us to make the same bowl for the same dish, and let us use part of the Calistoga Inn as a retail shop.

None of us remembers how or when we began to work with Michael Chiarello. He was executive chef at one of our favorite restaurants, Tra Vigne, during its early years when he showed up at the pottery looking for a special bowl for his risotto. He liked the bowl Jeff called the pasta bowl, selected a glaze combination, made an order and began to show up with new needs (cream and sugar, a vessel for “mothering” vinegar, platters to pass, etc.) on a regular basis. He was the first local to understand the beauty of the grapevine ash glazes and told their story in an episode of his cooking show. We made a few items for his NapaStyle Catalog but had to stop when it got too big for us. I told Michael that my canoe was tied to his speedboat! No more catalogs, but we continued to make ware for Tra Vigne and for Michael’s new restaurant, Bottega, until about a year ago.

We have also had the pleasure of working with Charles Phan (The Slanted Door), Dena Marino,









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