Solid Color on White Clay Body

Clockwise from top left: Pumpkin, Black, Cobalt, Blue Clay, Red, Green, Heino and Blonde, all fired on a white clay body.

Glazes combinations on a White Clay Body

(From top left)  Red dipped green, Cobalt dipped green, Calico, Cobalt Sponge and Green Sponge. The random yet repeating pattern on the bottom row is made with sea sponge dipped into a contrasting glaze and applied to bisque.

Solid Colors on Red Clay Body

Grapevine Ash, Red and Cobalt Glaze on red clay body. The color of the clay itself makes a big impact on the color of the glaze.
 A word of caution….
This photo was sent by a customer wishing  to order pots to match  some she picked up here. I include it to demonstrate the variation in color that occurs in electronically relayed images. Still, sending a photograph can be very helpful in communicating what it is you are ordering.

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