We enjoy spending time with children almost as much as we enjoy good food. We have found a few ways to welcome them at the pottery, just as we have managed to combine our pots with good food. The most basic blend is the hand or footprint of a new baby stamped in wet clay. Jeff requests that you wait until the baby is about one, big enough to participate and not seem “breakable” but small enough to have feet or hands which fit on a small plate. We add the name and date to the underside of the plate or bowl. We are willing and able to stamp the prints of multiple children on one piece. We have a print of the bone of the first trout caught by a daughter and have stamped construction debris in commemorative platters as well. To get the price, determine the size (9″ plate, for example) and look at “Pricelist” under “Inlaid”.


We make baby plates. There is a downloadable PDF on this site which you can give to the new mom to fill out and mail to me (after the birth, of course) or you can call me (707 942 0216). The amount of information on the plate is up to you. I am happy to paint any animal image which is naturalistic  AND the whole animal, no heads on plates. You can send me your image as long as I get to object if I can’t do it justice.

An older child who is making marks on paper (or drawings) is ready for the next project, making a drawing on a mug, plate, bowl or platter. We started doing this with our children when they were making great drawings and we realized that paper doesn’t last. I like to know the size and shape and color of the  piece of pottery to be decorated BEFORE the child comes to draw so I can prep the piece and the child’s work is fresh, so call first. Again, check prices at “Pricelist” under “Inlaid” and colors under “Glazes” OR stop by to choose, come later to work. I will have a glazed piece of your choice ready, give the child some direction and a magic marker and encourage them. Afterward I will carve out the lines drawn by the child, clean them down to the clay and inlay a contrasting glaze. They can be picked up at the pottery or shipped home after they are fired, which can take a few weeks.


We are happy to let kids watch Jeff throw (call to find out his schedule) and to show them the steps we take to make a pot out of raw clay. If you have an older child who wants to try the wheel, phone us.

If you are not actually a kid but would like to decorate a plate, call us. Sally does this all the time, unapologetically.