Jena Staley and Brendan Welsh

May 9, 2015

in Calistoga, CA



Each place setting consists of a 10″ plate, an 8″ plate and a bowl ($71 per three piece setting)


Jena and Brendan have ordered 10 place settings. The couple already has a collection of mugs from Calistoga Pottery. They would like to add an Ash-Glaze salad bowl ($85) and a 14″ platter with inlaid decoration ($130).

The dinnerware set will be completed at the time of the wedding and available to family and friends for viewing. The pottery is located one block North of the wedding venue, across the street. We will ship the completed set to New York after the wedding. Since we are shipping out of CA we do not add sales tax but will add a $10 charge per setting or serving piece to cover shipping and handling, which means packing time and materials.

To reserve, please call us at


between 9 am and 5 pm


We will ask for a) Credit information so that we can bill you when the order is shipped b) your address so that your gift can be acknowledged.




If you would like to register here for wedding dinnerware or gifts, we can work with you on design and communication with your guests, keeping track of what’s been ordered (and by whom). Optimally, you would come to the pottery and spend some time looking at the possibilities. You can discuss and place orders by calling 707-942-0216. Shipping available via UPS. Allow 6-8 weeks for special orders.