Katherine Baehr and Flynn McGuire

Saturday, July 1, 2017 in Galena, Idaho

Katherine and Flynn have visited Calistoga Pottery together and Flynn has been here many times, being a son of one of Jeff’s oldest friends. We will put up a picture of these pots as soon as we have finished making them. They will all be glazed a solid cobalt blue. Katherine and Flynn would like the following:

A pasta serving bowl $85 , $95 inscribed

8 individual pasta bowls @ $26 ea.

8 large snack bowls @$14 ea.

A 12″ platter $60

A 14″ platter $100

A large bowl like Kim’s* $?

*Kim has a large collection of Calistoga Pottery and we are not clear on what is desired but are sending photos from each kiln until the wedding.

We are planning on making a road trip of attending this wedding and so will deliver your gifts to this event.





If you would like to register here for wedding dinnerware or gifts, we can work with you on design and communication with your guests, keeping track of what’s been ordered (and by whom). Optimally, you would come to the pottery and spend some time looking at the possibilities. You can discuss and place orders by calling 707-942-0216. Shipping available via UPS. Allow 6-8 weeks for special orders.